Our Story

Te Ara Whakamua o Whaitara (TAWOW) was established in response to a series of community hui about the aspirational potential and shared future of the Waitara community. As part of this partnership, community helped identify skills, qualities and behaviours they wanted to see role modeled in a leadership group moving forward.

12 nominees and over 70 attendees participated in this forum, resulting in seven community members of varying backgrounds and experiences being selected in a community-led nomination process. These original seven members then formally established the Leadership Group (TAWoW) for this partnership.

An early focus for TAWOW was to gather information and perspectives from a diverse cross-section of residents in order to develop a Community Plan. The purpose of this plan is to create a framework for collaboration and evidence base activities that ultimately helps to meet the communities’ vision. Another activity was to identify community skills and capabilities to develop a community knowledge bank. This  is currently under development.

This is community-led development in its simplest form. It is a process of working together to create and achieve community-owned goals.

Since the establishment of the Leadership Group several members have moved on and new members have taken up the challenge. The current Leadership Group is as follows; Mawhaturia White (Chair), Teri Tamati, Marnie Reinfelds, and Fliss Sies.

Te Ara Whakamua has a Community Development Co-ordinator – Dave Haskell, who is available throughout the week to meet with community members interested in the project.

All queries about TAWoW should be directed to Dave – e.g. how the TAWoW process works, how to put in a proposal, what other types of support might be available, or to simply discuss your ideas – please contact

Dave: dave.tawow@hotmail.com or Che: chetawow@outlook.com